In the old days production was completely manual. In order to make the work easier, Martin the bakers’ son, constructed a machine that was able to knead the dough and then the bakery began to sell bread to the hotels and boarding houses in the district.

In the beginning the family baked both round and square crispbread crackers that were pricked in traditional style and also crispbread with small square shaped air pillows
“rut bröd”.

As the company continued to grow, production was concentrated on one variety, the popular and traditional large round crispbread cracker.

Only natural raw ingredients

We bake genuine delicious Dalecarlien crispbread in our bakery every day and we are extremely careful to follow our traditional family recipes. We use rye with the Swedish Seal of Quality “Svensk Sigill”, fresh pure water from our own spring, yeast and a pinch of salt.

Naturally, we use modern equipment in our bakery and adapt our operations to modern demands for proper food hygiene standards and a good working environment.

Today we are the most modern and second largest bakery in Sweden. We never lose sight of good workmanship and we will probably never be the largest one.

A small mistake became a great success

Quality has always been high priority at the Leksand Crispbread bakery and all the rounds that are not first-rate are rejected. In fact, this is still done very carefully by hand. Martin used to take care of the crispbread that had been in the oven too long. He rather liked the taste of the “reject” dark brown bread, and in the middle of the 1960s this led to a new product – Brown-baked Leksand Crispbread.

A lot of other people shared Martin’s taste and the new product became a success. Production increased and the family firm continued to develop from a small home bakery into a larger, more modern business.